There Is Also a Dog – Audiobook


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Format: Unabridged audiobook in digital format
Narrators: Erin Mallon & Connor Crais
Run Time: 1h 26min

This includes two versions of the epilogue, one narrated by Erin Mallon and a bonus version narrated by Connor Crais. The Connor version is not available on Audible. This is an exclusive cover available only on kayleyloring dot com.

This is a story about a cabin in a small town, a workaholic New Yorker who hates the holidays, and a hot-nerd local doctor who loves Christmas...and flirting. It starts to snow. There is also a dog.

It’s a short, sweet, hilarious, and steamy Christmas story to enjoy along with your eggnog.

Just kidding.

Nobody enjoys eggnog. Enjoy this with something chocolatey (unless you’re allergic to chocolate).

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