What the world needs now is more Thanksgiving-themed short rom-coms with skateboarding wiener dogs in them and cartoon wiener dogs on the cover. The great thing about this one is that it's set in the Name in Lights world, and you know what that means... Okay, I'll tell you what it means. It means there's a grumpy single dad and a strong, sassy neighbor, and a cute kid, and a Lazy Wingmen text convo. And a wiener dog named Dildo.
This listing is for the paperback. It's like a really long pamphlet with tons of banter and sexual tension and Thanksgiving puns in it.

Once ordered and paid for, this paperback will be printed and shipped by Bookvault. If you are in North America, it will be shipped from a printer in Ohio. If you are anywhere else in the world, it will be printed and shipped from the UK.
If you have any concerns about your order once you've received it, you can contact the Kayley Loring dot com store directly and we will figure out how to help you by contacting Bookvault, if necessary.

P.S. Kayley doesn't get to see the printed books before they're shipped to you, so she can't sign them!

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