REBOUND WITH ME: cover model edition


This is the original cover paperback version. It is exclusively available through  The interior design is slightly different from the one that was sold through Amazon.

This paperback will be delivered via BookVault.

“Just give me the summer.  You can go back to playing it safe with boring men in September.”



There are bad ideas and there are good bad ideas.


My former fiancé banging someone else—that was a bad idea.


A good girl having her first-ever one night stand with the bad boy stranger she just met in a liquor store? Awesome bad idea.


When I find out my one night stand was looking for revenge, I should run—far away.

But I don’t…because rebounding with Vince is the most awesome bad idea ever.


Do I want to help him get back at our exes?






I want to help him get back at my ex—hard. With wild abandon. All night long.


That awesome bad idea leads to the best summer of my life with Vince Devlin—the best guy I’ve ever met.


Could this hot summer fling turn out to be the real thing?

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