Happy Holidays, everyone!  I’m here in the Pacific Northwest, trying to figure out what the hell a “Frozen Fog Advisory” means, and sorting out my feelings about the MAMMA MIA sequel trailer I just watched.

I am ALSO polishing up book 3 of the Work Less, Play More series.  I was going to publish it in January, but it’s ready to go, so I expect it will be available in what I like to call the “Taint of the holiday season.”  It ain’t Christmas and it ain’t New Years.

It’s called THE WEDDING SEASON, it’s new adult, and it’s steamier than the first two books, probably due to the fact that I have been compensating for the cold weather.  Seriously–my wimpy Southern California body was totally unprepared for this, but I’m still so happy to be here.

Here is the description for THE WEDDING SEASON.  Cover will be revealed when the pre-order page is up on Amazon…

It may be a creative marriage made in heaven, but Erin Duffy is cordially inviting Scott Braddock to go to hell…

ERIN: There are millions of guys in L.A. so I why do I keep bumping into my nemesis Scott Braddock? He’s hot. He’s rich. He’s cocky. I’ve been competitive with him as a writer since college, and my former dormmate lost her mind after he had hot sex with her. He is nothing but trouble for me. Now we keep going to the same weddings, and I keep accidentally hooking up with him. But I will not let the fact that he’s mind-blowing in bed make me lose my head. I came to Hollywood to be a successful screenwriter, and I will let nothing stand in my way. Especially not naked Scott Braddock.

SCOTT: Ever since college, there have been two things I’ve wanted more than anything—to be a successful screenwriter and to date Erin Duffy. She’s a pain in the ass, and I want her to be MY pain in the ass. I screwed things up with Erin big time at school, but now our agents want us to work together and I have the chance to make things right.

It’s going to take everything I’ve got to win her over and have the kind of career we would both kill for, but I will do whatever it takes—on both coasts, at the computer, on the dance floor, in bed…I will rewrite every scene until we get our happy ending.

The Wedding Season Facebook Post

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