This has been a fun release week so far!  I hope you are enjoying reading COCKY NERD as much as I enjoyed writing it.  And I really really loved writing this one.

COCKY NERD has made it into the Romantic Comedy Top 100 Bestseller list!  That’s never happened for one of my books before, and I’ve never had a triple digit overall ranking before, so I’m super excited and grateful.  One small step for the average romance author, one giant leap for Kayley Loring.

Get him while he's hot

My thanks to Kathleen of Author Reach for reaching out and providing me with the above COCKY NERD image.

I have started on the next book now, even though I’m still thinking about John and Olivia all the time.  Such is life for a writer.  This next one is quite different, story and character-wise.  A recovering bad boy, a good girl who’s ready for a little trouble, and a steamy summer fling that just might be the real thing.  Stay tuned.

But first:  Here is a picture of Ryan Gosling wearing glasses and holding a book.  Because.

ryan gosling with glasses

Ryan Gosling photo copyright GSNY/Splash News

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