Rebound With Me is live!




After a totally uneventful week (ahem!), my new book is live, and I hope people love Vince and Nina as much as I do.

The germ of the idea for REBOUND WITH ME came from my college friends.  Paul and Jen started dating soon after we all graduated, and soon after that, Paul’s ex-girlfriend sought out Jen’s ex-boyfriend and they began dating too.  Drama!  Paul and Jen ended up getting married and having kids, their exes didn’t last long as a couple.  But I thought–what if I write a story from the POV of the spurned exes?  I figured it would be a fun challenge to make it feel like they were the ones who were made for each other and deserved a happily-ever-after even though they got to know each other in this weird way.

I hope it worked.

I certainly had fun writing it, and it made me long to get back to Brooklyn.

I didn’t realize when I set the release date that this is Teacher Appreciation Week (or month, depending who you ask).  Nina is a first grade teacher, and even though the story takes place in the summer, being a teacher of six-year-olds is a very big part of her personality.  She has a bit of a struggle balancing that part of her identity with the part of her that’s overwhelmingly attracted to Vince.

I think that a lot of women, myself included, at some point in our lives, have to learn to comfortably integrate our sexuality with the various roles we play.  To know that it’s okay to be a mom who is also sexy, or a CEO who is also sexy, or a farmer who is also sexy, or a writer who is also sexy, or an elementary school teacher who is also sexy.  Etc.  That’s part of my heroine’s journey in this book, and we would all be lucky to have someone as hot and sweet as Vince Devlin as our teachers in this particular subject.

Happy reading!  Available HERE.

_Just give me the summer...._

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