Teaser Tuesday and Book + Main Bites Romance

It’s #TeaserTuesday and my new book GREEN goes live on Thursday and I’m going nuts so I’m just going to post all of my teasers here today.  Teasers teasers teasers!

And then I start writing the next book and also working with great designers on future book covers!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!  Can you tell?



Also–I just started posting on Book + Main Bites Romance.  Do you know about this cool new website that’s content-driven by authors?  Romance authors post excerpts or “bites” from their books.  Readers join for free and can discover new authors and follow their favorites.  They even have a great app.  Since it is getting harder for authors to have their posts seen by followers on Facebook, I have a feeling more and more authors will be using Book + Main.

Please follow me there at  https://bookandmainbites.com/kayleyloring

Also also!  How cute is my new logo?!  Designed by Stacy Garcia of Uplifting Designs.  I love it!

kayley loring logo black type white background

GREEN book and mine post

the real story begins


going from friends to loverson September 6th

facebook ad You never know

Copy of Johnny B. Nerdballs



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