Coming Soon!

coming soon!

Happy New Year!!!

I’m deep inside the writing cave, but wanted to share a little info about the steamy romantic comedy novel I am currently working on and then retreat back into the funny sexy sweet romantic world of my manuscript.

Planned release is very early February.

  • neighbor romance
  • no-strings relationship
  • opposites attract
  • broody ridiculously gorgeous lawyer with a heart of gold
  • sassy artist lady
  • set in Manhattan
  • cute dog!

I’m really dying to reveal the cover, but that will have to wait.  Let’s just say it’s my desktop background and I minimize all of the open files on my computer regularly so I can stare at it while wiping the drool from my chin.  That may be slowing down the writing process but I don’t care!  Worth it!

The pre-order period will be brief for this release (if there is a pre-order at all), but I will add an extensive sneak peek on my blog as soon the Amazon product page is up.

RANDOM TINY EXCERPT (copyright 2019 Kayley Loring):

He just stands there studying me, for what feels like a year.  An actual year, starting with winter as his coal dark eyes search my face, his jaw frozen in place; a late spring thaw as his liquid gaze trickles down the front of me; sudden blazing hot summer as it returns back up over my curves; and see how the leaves now turn from red to gold to brown and then die off instantly when he meets my stare again.  Unblinking.  Like a cowboy in one of those old westerns my dad and I used to make fun of, but I secretly fantasized about banging Gary Cooper in the back of a saloon.

When I was a child, I was trained to see a person or object as a collection of lines shadows, shapes and contours, but when I look at this guy it’s like I’m blinded by my physical response to the overall effect of his…everything.

He’s an assault to my retinas.

Or maybe he’s just an asshole.

Either way, I want to slap him.

Also, I may have just had a very quick tiny orgasm.

Like an orgasm zap.  Is that a thing?


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