Blogger signups for my next release!

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Hi there! If you’re a book blogger, I would love it if you’d participate in the events for my next book release!

Blogger signup for Give Me Books Promotions release blitz and release boost is HERE

Blogger signup for Ardent Prose PR June 5th cover reveal and tons of other events is HERE . The cover for this one is gorgeous and swoonerific.

Thanks!  xx KL

4 thoughts on “Blogger signups for my next release!

  1. Hi 👋. Not a book blogger unfortunately, but I’m curious to know when your next book will be available for preorder. Can’t wait!!!


  2. Hi Melina!!!👋The release date for my next book is July 18th! If there is a preorder, it will be for a short period and I will send out an email. But! Between now and then, I will have 2 audiobooks coming out!!! The one for Come Back to Bed will be out any day now (whenever the gods of Amazon decide to smile upon me) and it’s kind of wonderful and I’m sort of obsessed with it and I don’t know if you’re into audiobooks, but I will be contacting YOU when it’s available because I’ll have some free promo codes and I want you to hear it!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻


    1. Congrats!!! 🎊🎉 I’ve never tried audiobooks before, but I absolutely loved Come Back to Bed so I would definitely be interested in hearing it being read to me. And I’ll be trying very hard to be patient for July 18th. Just kidding, but seriously can’t wait!!!

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