Back for More is available now!


Gah! This book. I worked so hard on this one. I don’t usually face a struggle when I’m writing, but I struggled to get this right. I love it now. I love Wes and Lily. I love their struggle with their love for each other and I really freaking love their HEA.

BACK FOR MORE is a slow burn second chance romance with an office romance element and it has a little more angst and feelsy-feels than you might expect from a Kayley Loring book. But it’s also funny, sexy, sweet and so romantic. Wes Carver. OMG. I can’t believe I made such a wonderful book boyfriend. If you’re really out there in the world, come find me.

And Lily Barnes. Lily is the most complex heroine I’ve written…which is to say that she’s a little bit complex. I started out thinking she was one thing and a few chapters into the writing process, I realized she’s a lot of things. I love all of them and more than anything I love that Wes loves and accepts all of them.

I hope you read Back for More and I hope you enjoy this story of a young man and woman who finally get the First Love that they deserve.


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