COCKY NERD cover reveal and teasers!

I’m really excited to present Cocky Nerd, but first I want to thank the romance bloggers (and author Heidi McLaughlin!) for mentioning the release of Every Inch of You earlier this month. It was such a nice surprise and very much appreciated.

Here’s the cover for my next steamy romantic comedy, Cocky Nerd, which is available for pre-order HERE and will be free in Kindle Unlimited on March 16th.


You may recognize this impossibly handsome model from approximately one gazillion other romance covers, but he’s usually looking all serious and/or rock star-like. I realize that this cover isn’t as supersexy as Every Inch of You, but this image makes me smile so hard, and I hope it makes you happy too.

Here is the BLURB for Cocky Nerd:

Not gonna lie to you.

When he walked into my restaurant, I thought he was the hottest man I’d ever seen in person.

And then he spoke.

And I realized who he was.

The world now knows him as John Brandt—ridiculously wealthy handsome genius workaholic startup founder and tech entrepreneur. I will always think of him as the annoying geek who was my older brother’s best friend. He yanked my pigtails and called me Tiny Dancer. I put rubber snakes in his sleeping bag and called him Johnny B. Nerdballs.

Market research has told him that he needs a girlfriend for an important business trip and gala event. He says he doesn’t want to bring someone that he has to impress or make an effort with, so he thought of me and figures I could use a nice vacation from my life right about now.

He is one cocky nerd. Even if he’s right.

I need the money and he can actually help me with my career, but I think he needs to be schooled in the art of treating a lady right. Lucky for him, I am just the woman to finally teach him…Turns out his total lack of social skills does not correspond to a lack of skills in the bedroom. At all. He even teaches me a few new tricks.

Every time he opens his obnoxious mouth I can’t believe this guy’s for real. Every time he touches me, every time he reminds me of who I was before I started to lose myself in the big city, I can’t believe that what we have right now is fake.

I’m afraid that by the end of the month either I will have punched him in the face, or the last man on earth I ever thought I’d fall in love with will have broken my heart. Or both.


Cocky Nerd is a standalone older brother’s best friend / fake relationship romantic comedy with a real sexy nerd, real laughs, real steam and a real happy ending. Brainy is the new sexy!


She is poetry in motion and I am a brain attached to a body-2

how can i explain john brandt

I blink, trying to stop staring at his well-formed mouth.


Every Inch of You is now available in Kindle Unlimited

I’m sure everyone will be watching the Super Bowl/Puppy Bowl/Kitten Bowl today, but while nursing your Bowl hangover, please consider reading this second chance romantic comedy about Vivian and Brad, which was released today.  There are also two cats in this book–one of them is named Justin Timberlake.

I didn’t know when I was writing it that JT would be performing at the Super Bowl, I just thought it was hilarious to have a character who’s always worried that Justin Timberlake will pee on her bed if she doesn’t clean the litter box.  Or maybe I’m a genius ninja marketing strategist.  Or possibly no one will make the connection at all.

Regardless, I really hope you enjoy reading THIS BOOK!

EVERY INCH OF YOU cover reveal and teasers!

I am so excited to present my new standalone steamy romantic comedy, Every Inch of You.  I have been staring at this gorgeous image for a month and I’ve been dying to share it with the world.  This novel will be available in Kindle Unlimited on Feb. 4th 2018.  It is now available for pre-order HERE  A sneak peek of the first three chapters is now available at the end of the current version of THE WEDDING SEASON  if you have not already downloaded it.

a steamysecondchanceromanticcomedy


VIVIAN: I’m in hell. Three months ago I got dumped and it sent me into a downward spiral of red wine and pie. Now my Type A sister is getting married and she’s hired me a personal trainer so I can look respectable standing next to her as the maid of honor.

The good news: she’s paying for the hottest hard-ass personal trainer in town.

The bad news: he used to be the fat kid at my high school, the one my popular friends bullied. He was my friend, the first boy I’d ever kissed, and the one who claimed I broke his heart.

The worst news: He is now the hottest man I’ve ever known, still hasn’t forgiven me, and I have never wanted anyone more in my life. But I can’t erase the past any easier than I can get rid of those stubborn last five pounds.

BRAD: A fat boy’s best revenge is to work out, get hot, and then get all the women. In high school, I only wanted one girl. Fate has brought her to my gym, and I am going to make her feel the burn like she’s never felt it before.

My plan is to torture her with ab work, get her to fall for me, then blow her off and break her heart like she did to me.

But she’s making it so damned hard…to do that last part.

I hope she doesn’t figure out that deep down I’m still Fat Brad, the book nerd who eats his feelings and would do anything just to kiss her.

Every Inch of You is a standalone sexy second chance romantic comedy with lots of laughs, plenty of steam, an HEA, no cheating, no cliffhanger.  It’ll work your heart, your core and your glutes!

I closed my eyes every time we practiced kissing


EVERY inch

I hope you love reading it as much as I have loved writing it.  xx KL

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone’s staying warm–perhaps by staying inside, curled up with a good book, hot cocoa and a kitty cat.  I’m keeping warm by writing a new steamy romantic comedy, watching ALL of the Harry Potter movies on HBO (good grief they were adorable in the first one), and admiring the pretty covers for the Work Less, Play More series.

This is probably the complete series, as the next eight books I have planned are separate standalones–but never say never…

For now, please enjoy staring at these lovely models against lovely backgrounds–and if you have time–enjoy reading about these beautiful workaholics finally relaxing and having sex with each other in warm locations.  xx KL


The Work Less, Play More series


Happy Holidays, everyone!  I’m here in the Pacific Northwest, trying to figure out what the hell a “Frozen Fog Advisory” means, and sorting out my feelings about the MAMMA MIA sequel trailer I just watched.

I am ALSO polishing up book 3 of the Work Less, Play More series.  I was going to publish it in January, but it’s ready to go, so I expect it will be available in what I like to call the “Taint of the holiday season.”  It ain’t Christmas and it ain’t New Years.

It’s called THE WEDDING SEASON, it’s new adult, and it’s steamier than the first two books, probably due to the fact that I have been compensating for the cold weather.  Seriously–my wimpy Southern California body was totally unprepared for this, but I’m still so happy to be here.

Here is the description for THE WEDDING SEASON.  Cover will be revealed when the pre-order page is up on Amazon…

It may be a creative marriage made in heaven, but Erin Duffy is cordially inviting Scott Braddock to go to hell…

ERIN: There are millions of guys in L.A. so I why do I keep bumping into my nemesis Scott Braddock? He’s hot. He’s rich. He’s cocky. I’ve been competitive with him as a writer since college, and my former dormmate lost her mind after he had hot sex with her. He is nothing but trouble for me. Now we keep going to the same weddings, and I keep accidentally hooking up with him. But I will not let the fact that he’s mind-blowing in bed make me lose my head. I came to Hollywood to be a successful screenwriter, and I will let nothing stand in my way. Especially not naked Scott Braddock.

SCOTT: Ever since college, there have been two things I’ve wanted more than anything—to be a successful screenwriter and to date Erin Duffy. She’s a pain in the ass, and I want her to be MY pain in the ass. I screwed things up with Erin big time at school, but now our agents want us to work together and I have the chance to make things right.

It’s going to take everything I’ve got to win her over and have the kind of career we would both kill for, but I will do whatever it takes—on both coasts, at the computer, on the dance floor, in bed…I will rewrite every scene until we get our happy ending.

The Wedding Season Facebook Post