Nerd News

I have just been alerted that the audiobook of SEXY NERD has been released on Audible!  What?!  Dreamscape Media produced and published this baby and I’m so flippin’ excited about it.  I’ve only heard the beginning so far because I’m in the last 24 hours of working on my new release, but Mackenzie Cartwright’s reading of Olivia is perfect and hilarious!  Both narrators are fantastic actors, I’m so honored that they and Dreamscape got involved with this, and I seriously can’t wait to devote myself to experiencing the whole thing.

If your ears are ready to nerd out to some funny sexy sweet romance narration, give it a listen HERE.  If you’ve never tried an audible membership before, you can listen to it with your free trial!  Or–if you subscribe to Scribd (it’s Netflix for ebooks and audiobooks!) SEXY NERD is included with your membership!

Here’s a picture of Johnny listening to it (so your eyeballs don’t get jealous of your ear holes).  You’re welcome.  Look how much he’s enjoying it.

This is the perfect playlist for my run

P.S.  Also, WHAT is Sexy Nerd doing in the Top 100 Contemporary Romance New Releases with all those big fancy authored books?!

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