Every Inch of You is now available in Kindle Unlimited

I’m sure everyone will be watching the Super Bowl/Puppy Bowl/Kitten Bowl today, but while nursing your Bowl hangover, please consider reading this second chance romantic comedy about Vivian and Brad, which was released today.  There are also two cats in this book–one of them is named Justin Timberlake.

I didn’t know when I was writing it that JT would be performing at the Super Bowl, I just thought it was hilarious to have a character who’s always worried that Justin Timberlake will pee on her bed if she doesn’t clean the litter box.  Or maybe I’m a genius ninja marketing strategist.  Or possibly no one will make the connection at all.

Regardless, I really hope you enjoy reading THIS BOOK!

EVERY INCH OF YOU cover reveal and teasers!

I am so excited to present my new standalone steamy romantic comedy, Every Inch of You.  I have been staring at this gorgeous image for a month and I’ve been dying to share it with the world.  This novel will be available in Kindle Unlimited on Feb. 4th 2018.  It is now available for pre-order HERE  A sneak peek of the first three chapters is now available at the end of the current version of THE WEDDING SEASON  if you have not already downloaded it.

a steamysecondchanceromanticcomedy


VIVIAN: I’m in hell. Three months ago I got dumped and it sent me into a downward spiral of red wine and pie. Now my Type A sister is getting married and she’s hired me a personal trainer so I can look respectable standing next to her as the maid of honor.

The good news: she’s paying for the hottest hard-ass personal trainer in town.

The bad news: he used to be the fat kid at my high school, the one my popular friends bullied. He was my friend, the first boy I’d ever kissed, and the one who claimed I broke his heart.

The worst news: He is now the hottest man I’ve ever known, still hasn’t forgiven me, and I have never wanted anyone more in my life. But I can’t erase the past any easier than I can get rid of those stubborn last five pounds.

BRAD: A fat boy’s best revenge is to work out, get hot, and then get all the women. In high school, I only wanted one girl. Fate has brought her to my gym, and I am going to make her feel the burn like she’s never felt it before.

My plan is to torture her with ab work, get her to fall for me, then blow her off and break her heart like she did to me.

But she’s making it so damned hard…to do that last part.

I hope she doesn’t figure out that deep down I’m still Fat Brad, the book nerd who eats his feelings and would do anything just to kiss her.

Every Inch of You is a standalone sexy second chance romantic comedy with lots of laughs, plenty of steam, an HEA, no cheating, no cliffhanger.  It’ll work your heart, your core and your glutes!

I closed my eyes every time we practiced kissing


EVERY inch

I hope you love reading it as much as I have loved writing it.  xx KL