The Plus Ones is coming September 26th!

The Plus Ones blogger signup teaser

And I’m on to the next one! The Plus Ones is coming September 26th. It is a standalone story but it will feature characters from Tonight You’re Mine and Come Back to Bed! Whaaaaat?! I know, right?! Cover and blurb reveal is August 28th. Eeek!
September is going to be a busy month. The audiobooks for Back for More and The Plus Ones will be recorded that month, both narrated by my favorite wildly talented sexy-voice people Teddy Hamilton and Mackenzie Cartwright.
Super excited for all that and so happy that people are still discovering Back for More!

Also, at the end of August I will be having my website re-designed. I’m gettin’ fancy over here.

Now I’m disappearing into my writer’s cave again, byyyyyye!

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