BACK FOR MORE: Exclusive Cover Edition


Look at this beautiful cover! Are you looking at it?! This is an exclusive cover design for BACK FOR MORE that’s only available on Kayley Loring dot com. You can only get this gorgeous paperback here.

It has a wonderful matte cover that doesn’t get all fingerprint-y and the interior has tons of lilies in it. Your shelf will be so happy to have this book on it that it will cry, the same way you cry every time you realize how much Wes loves Lily.

Once ordered and paid for, this paperback will be printed and shipped by Bookvault. If you are in North America, it will be shipped from a printer in Ohio. If you are anywhere else in the world, it will be printed and shipped from the UK.
If you have any concerns about your order once you've received it, you can contact the Kayley Loring dot com store directly and we will figure out how to help you by contacting Bookvault, if necessary.

P.S. Kayley doesn't get to see the printed books before they're shipped to you, so she can't sign them!


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